Our Story

We love getting our hands dirty and mastering all facets of design, including photography, film production, and fabrication. Having such a far-reaching range of services right at our fingertips allows for increased workflow efficiency, and it helps us create unique and more impactful solutions. Design is the common thread that binds all of our services, which we use in concert to create cohesive systems of consumer touch points for our client’s brands.

Here’s how we do what we do for you.

We love power. Well, sort of. Perhaps we should explain.

We actually love design. It’s our poetry, our fireworks, our morning latte. We love how design fills our world, and we see it in everything from the random shadows cast by the waning light to the geometric proportions in modern architecture. Our great affinity for the craft allows us to truly understand the power of design. We see the impact it has on people and its ability to connect with an individual in a meaningful way. We know that good design resonates with its audience and gets in their heads, making strong emotional connections and delivering a message that cuts through the clutter.

When design is used in the context of a brand, we find that it can have a much more lasting effect, forming a bond and creating a type of personal allegiance within its audience. The ability of a well-constructed brand to command consumer loyalty is an exciting dynamic — and we relish design’s role in that loyalty.

In all of our work, we draw upon our own experiences to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the design, but we always design within the context of a brand. We leverage the power of design to fortify the power of the brand — so it really does all boil down to power.

“Our team of multi-disciplinary designers serves as the researcher, the visionary, the filterer, the fabricator, and the installer.” 

– Jon Duarte // Chief Design Director

Branding + Design

  • Brand Strategy
  • Name Development
  • Logo Design
  • Identity Development
  • Print Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Development
  • Environmental Design


  • Style Board and Shot List Development
  • Scouting and Logistics Coordination
  • Talent Casting and Direction
  • Still Photography
  • Grip & Lighting
  • Aerial Photography
  • Editing and Compositing
  • Color Correction and Retouching

Video Production

  • Script Writing and Storyboarding
  • Talent Casting and Direction
  • Cinematography & Camera Operation
  • Crane, Dolly & Stabilizer Operations
  • Aerial Film Production
  • Audio, Grip, Lighting & Electric
  • Editing and Color Grading
  • Compositing and Motion Graphics


  • Fabrication Design
  • Signage Fabrication
  • Retail Environment Design
  • Sales Gallery Design
  • Custom Display Fabrication
  • Bespoke Furnishings
  • A/V Design + Procurement

Design that's well traveled.

Performed projects
and / or won awards in:
06 Countries 40+ Cities

Our clients are our collaborators. Every project is an opportunity to work with talented leaders and market movers in a variety of industries. We’re always ready to tackle our clients’ objectives with elegant design solutions. When it comes to our client list, we don’t like to name drop, but we’re not above dropping a few logos.


Our origin story condensed into one, run-on sentence.


Before Jon Duarte Design Group (JDDG) was a group, it was just one guy, Jon Duarte, who started the company in 1996 in Los Angeles (to create a firm in which design integrity was first and foremost and the creative process was honored) before moving it to Honolulu, where it has thrived and grown into a group of creative professionals with experience in a diversity of artistic and design disciplines.